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Hyperhidrosis affects as many as 2% of the population, but the condition is not well understood. Our mission to be the leading provider of education and resources for hyperhidrosis. We encourage every hyperhidrosis sufferer to schedule a free telephone consultation with our co-founder, Dr. Eraj Basseri.

Dr. Basseri is one of the world’s leading experts on hyperhidrosis and one of only two surgeons in the world who can perform surgeries for both plantar hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet) and palmar hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms).

Over a 45-minute consultation, Dr. Basseri will talk to you about hyperhidrosis, your symptoms and your surgical options. You are also welcome to make an appointment to visit the Center and talk to Dr. Basseri in person.*

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Please kindly fill out the form and our friendly staff will be in touch with you by the following business day.

trusted by doctors

Medical professionals with hyperhidrosis come to us for surgery

“You have changed my life. I do not walk around anxious that I may sweat at embarrassing moments anymore. This definitely has boosted my self-confidence, and it shows in my interactions with people. I have bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes and shoes — this time they will not be ruined by sweat.”

Ligaya H. Buchbinder, M.D.,
Boca Raton, Florida

“You are a godsend. My hands are now 100% dry, which is a must in the medical profession. Because of your skillful work, I have more self-confidence now. Words cannot express the ‘burden’ that has been lifted from me.”

LM, M.D., Nashville, Tennessee

“It’s amazing how something so simple and taken for granted as shaking a hand can be such an incredible gift for someone. Since surgery, my hands have yet to sweat. This is something that is so amazing to me. My job as a nurse is so much easier — my hands are WARM, for the first time in my life, and even better, DRY!!! No more cold, clammy hands.”

Renee’ L. Bissonnette,
registered nurse

If you would like to speak to any of our wonderful patients about their experience with hyperhidrosis surgery, please contact us. We have dozens of patients who have volunteered to receive calls from prospective patients.

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